Electric Power Entertainment

"We Play What You Want To Hear"

What To Expect

“We Play What You Want To Hear” you tell us what you want to hear, and that’s what we will play. We are all about your event being just the way you want it to be! We will work hard to make sure your event is as perfect as it can be, without charging you an arm and a leg!


What makes us special?

             E.P.E is all about providing professional and affordable DJ services.We will work with you to make the perfect playlist! We will help create the event itinerary to assure the event runs smoothly. We have a very extensive collection of music, and in most situations have access to every song in the world via our mobile hotspot. We offer basic DJ'ing along with MC services for weddings or other formal events. 


How Loud Can Our System Go?                                                                                         

     As loud as you need it! if we have to we will rent more equipment and keep the cost as low as possible!

  Standard Sound System:

  •   -4 JBL -15" full range drivers
  •   -1 -18" Sub woofer 
  •   - Amps totaling 3,500 watts

Lighting Effects?                                                       

    As many as you want! (We will rent more if need be!)

Standard Lighting Package Includes

  • - Revo 4
  • - Vertigo
  • - Galaxian (Laser light)
  • - 2 Strobe lights
  • - Color Rover
  • - Color Pod
  • - Fog machine

Genre Specific, fully customized playlist's available

Payment Methods

 Credit Card
 Accepted on approval

 Always Accepted

 Always Accepted



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